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The girl from Nepal named Kusum Shrestha, the so-called tarkariwali, a vegetable seller, whose photo was snapped by a photographer and put on the social media, which promptly went on to break the net as people went wild over her looks, may not have personally found the attention welcome. The girl lives in Gorkha district of Nepal and she is a student at Campus in Chitwan. She was at home in her school holday and she was helping her parents in transporting vegetales from remote village and selling in the small town of Gorkha district in central west Nepal.




Gurkha calls off hunger strike after MPs launch inquiry


A former Gurkha has ended a 14-day hunger strike after a group of MPs announced plans to hold an inquiry into Gurkha pensions and other issues. Gyanraj Raj has been camped out on Whitehall since 7 November, threatening to starve himself to death. Mr Rai said his experience was "so hard, so difficult", and cautioned: "We are yet to win". The actress and advocate of Gurkhas' rights Joanna Lumley presented him with a glass of fruit juice to loud cheers. She said it was "a happy day for all concerned" and told the Gurkhas "everything that you want to say will be heard as a matter of extreme importance and urgency". Read more....

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Sharmila Gurung wins Hong Kong ‘Medal of Honour’


HONG KONG: Hong Kong government has honored Dr Sharmila Gurung with ‘Medal of Honour’ for her contribution in the community service sector. The government has awarded Sharmila Gurung with ´Medal of Honor and Dip Thapa with Chief Executive Award on the occasion of 17th Anniversary of Hong Kong’s amalgamation with China. “Gurung has been awarded ‘Medal of Honor’ for her contribution in the community services, especially among the marginalized community,” writes a Hong Kong gazette published on Tuesday. Announced on July 1 –the day when Hong Kong was merged with China – the executive head of Hong Kong government will hand over the award to Dr Gurung on the occasion of National Day of China which falls on October 1. Read more....


850 Chinese millionaires and Russian oligarchs have 'bought' British visa


Chairman of the Home Office’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) says the government had effectively been “giving away” visas to some of the world’s wealthiest people. More than 850 Russian oligarchs and Chinese millionaires have won the right to live in Britain in the last five years under a scheme which has little benefit for British citizens, official government advisers have disclosed.

Professor Sir David Metcalf, chairman of the Home Office’s Migration Advisory Committee (MAC), said the government had effectively been “giving away” visas to some of the world’s wealthiest people. Read more .....

Gurkhas on hunger strike over pensions


Gurkhas angered by what they say is the government's refusal to give them equal pension rights have gone on hunger strike. About 60 Gurkhas from Reading say they will starve themselves to death unless there is a change to their pensions. Read more...

गोर्खा सैनिकलाई मिलिटरी क्रस (MC - Military Cross)


अफगानिस्तानमा युद्धका बेला अभूतपूर्व बहादुरी देखाएको भनि ब्रिटिश सेनामा कार्यरत एकजना गोर्खा सैनिक तुलजँग गुरुङलाई बेलायत सरकारले मिलिटरी क्रस (MC -Military Cross) तक्मा प्रदान गरेको छ। Read more..